A list of some useful and interesting podcasts for GPs, on Edwin Kruys “Doctorsbag” blog.

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10 podcasts for GPs

I really enjoy podcasts. There is something appealing about listening to people’s stories via the cloud – and at a convenient time and place. I usually listenon the way to work.

Apparently Australia is the fourth largest consumer of podcasts in the world. In 2014 I posted 6 great podcasts for primary care, one of the most visited articles on this blog. As podcasting seems to be more popular then ever and new podcasts for family doctors have been launched since my last post, it istime for an update.

So here is my top10. Many podcasts are suitable for a wider audience. Click on the iTunes or SoundCloud logo to listen, and feel free to share your favouritesin the comments section.

And of course, a big thank you to all podcasters.

#1: The Good GP

Named after the successful RACGP media campaign, The Good GP is a new…

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