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Indigenous-flag Credit: Pro Bono Australia

This Closing the Gap Day I want to send out a tribute to some pretty understated heros. Too strong an accolade? You be the decider.

To my Aboriginal colleagues and friends – my life is so much richer for interacting with you. From challenging my perceptions about many issues, to advocating for your patients, being amazing doctors, nurses, midwives and for setting an example and doing extraordinary things. Thank you.

To GPs, working by choice in dedicated Aboriginal Medical Services, quietly doing the unsexy work of dealing with acute, and particularly, chronic diseases, and thereby having the biggest impact on saving lives through better health: thank you. GPs are always the best bang for your health buck.

To hospitalist colleagues, from the emergency physicians to surgeons and physicians of every description, often dealing with acute on chronic health presentations of Aboriginal people: thank you.

To nurses…

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